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Computer Science student and self taught web developer.

My goal is to become the highest caliber web developer/software engineer. I have a passion for technology, but my greatest strengths are my communication skills and my desire to help others succeed.

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I've developed a user-friendly version of the classic blackjack game, designed to be intuitive for beginners. This project showcases my attention to detail and commitment to creating a seamless user experience.

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Pirhana Sushi

Piranha Sushi is a mockup for a restaurant website. This project was designed and coded from scratch. It is user-friendly, responsive, and visually appealing.

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In this React.js project, I put my framework skills on display. This Ecommerce application features a crisp user-interface and the functionality of a typcial online store.

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Sim Science

Sim Science allows users to easily automate physics equations. Currently offering easy kinematics automation, just plug in your numbers and simulate!

"As my growing love for physics develops, an obvious project choice emerged. To practice physics and computer science at the same time, I built Sim Science. Sim Science is still in it's early stages of development, but as I continue to explore the world of physics, Sim Science will continue to grow."
- Ian Ellis

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Infinity Scroll

An endless scroll of beautiful photos from the Unsplash API.

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Quote Generator

Need some motivation? Simply click a button to generate a quote from a long list of inspiring people!

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Picture in Picture

Want to play a video or share a screen to the corner of your device? With this chrome-exclusive web app it's easy! Just select the window you want to share, then press start!

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